"Family looks after family. This is why we’re still here to help and support you."
Eve reveals that this is a long-term relationship not a short-term fling:

A year on from retirement is often the time individuals like to reflect and evaluate as well as seeing how far they’ve come. Did all the plans made come to fruition? Has retirement been embraced rather than tolerated?
So it’s also a good time to remind everybody that all options still remain on the table. Our online Retirement Centre is open for retirees and is packed full of useful information, hints and tips.

If you’re still considering a second career – and with so much to offer, why wouldn’t you? – then we can help you showcase better all your skills and experiences to a potential employer. Or if you’re thinking of starting your own business, we offer some great tips and guidance about the things you’ll need to do and to think about. And what about volunteering? Many ex Police service employees use their spare time to help others – probably because it’s part of their make-up. You’ll also find tasty titbits on healthy eating, keeping fit and active as well as staying mentally on top of things.

We’ll point you in the right direction regarding some of the products and services available to you through Police Mutual, and our Independent Financial Advisers will give you expert financial advice concerning subjects like protecting your wealth, making a will and exploring the investment opportunities that meet your particular goals and ambitions.

Not forgetting the rest of the family

Did you know that the rest of your family are eligible to take advantage of all the great products and services that Police Mutual offer? That’s your partner, parents, brothers and sisters, children, grandparents, uncles, aunts, nephews and even the in-laws. So if you’re eligible to get a great deal on your home and car insurance, so are they. I think that makes around 4 million people eligible!
Eve Clowes
Head of Brand & Membership