Giving our customers a break when they need it most

There are many reasons that members of the Police family need to take time out. You may be recovering from an illness, dealing with a mental health problem or coping with the impact of trauma, injury, stress or loss. Perhaps you’re retired and either suffering from or caring for someone with dementia.

Whatever the reason, the Police Mutual Foundation is here to help by giving you a much-needed break. It’s an ideal way to recharge and recoup your energy and spend quality time with your family.

We’ve offered nearly 700 families a break since 2011 and aim to do for many more over the next few years.

Nominations for breaks can be made by a variety of people including Occupational Health, Police Federations, our Force Authorised Officers, HR and line managers for those who are serving.  Nominations for retired officers can be made by NARPO or RPOAS Chairs, Secretaries and Welfare Officers.

Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee a respite break.

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