Have you made a Will yet?

Over 24 million adults in the UK have made plans to ensure the financial security of their families and dependants after they’ve gone – you could be one of them…

It’s something many of us ignore, but without a Will, the government decides how your estate should be distributed, with no regard for your wishes. This could mean friends, relatives and charities get nothing - even if you made promises during your lifetime.

The voluntary organisation Will Aid has revealed an increase of 4% in the number of people aged 45-54 making a Will, with 74% of those surveyed aged between 65-74 having a Will in place. It is possible to write your own Will, but it's not always advisable. It's easy to make mistakes, making it invalid. Using a solicitor will ensure all the legal formalities are followed and they will be able to help ensure your Will is as tax-efficient as possible.

The great news is help is at hand. This month is Free Wills Month where many solicitors are offering people over 55 the chance to have a simple Will written or updated at no cost during October. The campaign supports a number of charities and those taking up the offer are under no obligation to leave a charitable donation.

Will Aid Month in November is another opportunity to get your affairs in order. Set up by solicitors and leading charities, Will Aid aims to encourage people to make Wills by offering a free service. A donation  between £35 to £95 to charities supporting the initiative is usually encouraged.

For more information on how to access these services visit the Will Aid or Free Wills websites. Please note this initiative is not provided by Police Mutual.

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