What a difference a year makes - our Financial Education team

Last year we invested £844,000 in free financial education for Officers and Staff...

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Providing free financial education

In 2014 we invested £844,000 in our programme of free financial education for the Police Service, helping individual Officers and Staff get to grips with their financial planning.

Our Financial Education team delivered 1,039 courses at forces across the country, speaking to 12,476 Officers and Staff about everything from managing their money to planning for retirement.

Feedback has been very positive:

"I did your training today, just wanted to say thank you because I have since discovered my tax code has been wrong for the last four years and I am due a big tax rebate. My baby is due in six weeks and this will come in handy!"

-      Police Officer, Wiltshire

"I feel motivated and encouraged to consider the way my finances are allocated and make changes."

-      Police Officer, Hampshire

We're also the largest provider of free retirement courses to the Police Service, delivering 146 courses last year and helping 1,605 Officers and Staff to prepare for life after the force.

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