Disappointing Cash ISA rate?

Is it time to transfer?

An estimated 3 million savers will see rate reductions on their Cash ISAs by the end of the year, as banks and building societies move to simplify their savings product range and migrate customers to alternative products*.

Savers who don't shop around could find themselves left with a much lower rate.

If you're disappointed with the rate your money is getting in a Cash ISA, now might be a good time to transfer.

If you're looking for a better return than your current Cash ISA is giving, you could try our Guaranteed ISA which gives you the benefits of a stocks and shares ISA without the risks**. 

Your money will be invested in our £800m Life Fund, giving it more growth potential over a five-year period than interest rate based accounts, such as cash ISAs. Our unique Double Guarantee gives you additional peace of mind that your money is protected and locks in any growth at set points every five years.

  • Invest up to £15,000 in this tax year (6 April 2014 to 5 April 2015)
  • Unique double guarantee that means you benefit from the good times and are protected from the bad
  • Affordable saving from only £40 per month and/or one off payments of just £1,000
  • Tax benefits with any returns being free from personal tax
  • Save directly from your Police salary, pension or by Direct Debit
  • No fixed term so you can access your money at any time**
  • Transfers accepted from other ISA providers.

Find out more about our Guaranteed ISA.

**Remember, if you access your money at any time other than on the guarantee points you'll get back what it is currently worth - which may be more or less than you invested.

*Figures from Sunday Times Money, 31 August 2014