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18 July 2014

We're proud to support Rosie’s Helping Hands with £500 sponsorship to help them improve the lives of young people

18 July 2014

With some car insurance, the price quoted is rarely what you actually pay. Here are the top 5 hidden extras that can bump up your premiums.

15 July 2014

If your circumstances have changed - you've got married, divorced or remarried for example - are you sure the right people will still benefit in the event of your death?

14 July 2014

HRH Princess Alexandra visited our Lichfield offices in July, meeting Officers from Staffordshire Police

25 June 2014

Read our round-up of five things you might not have realised are covered by our home insurance...

20 June 2014

If you’re retiring from the Police and planning a second career, it pays to make sure you’ve got the right tax code.

19 June 2014

We’ve been asking visitors to our online Retirement Centre to share with us at what stage in their career they intend to decide what to do with their pension commutation. Here's what they told us...

27 May 2014

Police Mutual has joined forces with SectionShifts to launch a new free app to help Officers and Staff in a number of forces keep on top of their shift patterns.

27 May 2014

We asked you what's the first luxury item you intend to buy with your commutation. Here's what you told us...

22 May 2014

According to Which?, the average initial charge for independent financial advice is 2.63%. Ours is just 1%, so talking to our independent financial advisers could save you money.