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1 How much would you like to save per week?

Saving that much per week is the equivalent of

By saving £ each week towards your future, you'd only be giving up

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2 How old are you?

3 I'd like to save over...

Your potential returns

Based on the details you've provided you could potentially receive a cash lump sum between at 1% to at 7% investment growth per year at the end of the term.

illustration over 10 years

*The guaranteed amount would be paid.

The figures shown above are only examples of what you might get back at the end of the term and are not guaranteed. They assume that you keep saving monthly until the end of the term. You could get back more or less than the amounts shown. The actual amount you receive will depend on how your investment grows, on our charges, which may vary, and on the tax treatment of your investment.

If you cash in your plan before the end of the term, you could get back less than you have paid in.

The growth rates we've used provide low, medium and high indications that are based on our current outlook for future growth potential.

The figures are calculated in a different way to the Performance Scenarios in the Key Information Document which are based on past performance. This difference does not make these projections any better or more accurate than those in the Key Information Document.

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