Independent Financial Advice

If you’re looking to invest, plan for the longer term or purchase complex financial products Independent Financial Advice could be right for you.

An Independent Financial Adviser will review your personal financial circumstances, your goals, and your attitude to financial risk before reviewing the market for investments and/or products that are tailored to your circumstances and future plans.

  • When do you need financial advice?

  • This will depend on your individual circumstances but as a rule expert advice can be beneficial if you:
  • need help making life stage financial decisions such as planning for retirement
  • you want to make sure your tax and general household finances are in order
  • you are dealing with complex and time-consuming financial issues such as tax or inheritance planning

  • What are the benefits of getting advice?

    The are lots of benefits that can be gained from obtaining professional financial advice, these include:

  • purchasing a financial product based on financial advice means its more likely to meet your individual needs and circumstances
  • an adviser can help you make a plan for your long-term financial goals, make sure you keep on track and review if your circumstances change
  • advisers can provide expert advice when you are making important and complex financial decisions such as retirement planning
  • if you are investing, an adviser can help you make the most of any tax reliefs or allowances that may be available

How to find an Independent Financial Adviser

A personal recommendation from family or friends is one way to find a Financial Adviser however it is always important to carry out your own research and checks before making a final decision.

There are several free Financial Advice comparison sites available including:

These sites can help you find an Adviser in your local area as well as identifying Advisers that specialise in specific areas of financial planning such as retirement services.

Before making a final decision, you can use the Financial Conduct Authority website to ensure the Adviser is authorised.

Financial Conduct Authority


Please note this article is for information only and does not constitute advice