Top Tips for improving your financial wellbeing during scroll free September

Fri 06 Sep 2019


People spend on average 2 hours per day on social media*. You could use this time during September to take control of your finances

  • Use our budget calculator here to help you manage your money. Set yourself a daily spend limit based on how much disposable cash you have each month
  • Set up a separate bill account and transfer an amount each month to cover the cost of all your household bills
  • Set yourself saving goals, saving little and often could provide you with regular lump sums if you save in our Regular Savings Plan, use the link here for more details
  • Check your bank balance each week so there are no nasty surprises. Consider using an app so you can see all your accounts in one place
  • Switch your current account – banks will often pay you to switch accounts use the link here for more information
  • Look at your general insurance, using the link here for Police Mutual car insurance and here for Police Mutual home insurance
  • Check your utility bills, for more information use the link here
  • Review your mortgage – for more information on the Police Mutual mortgage advice service click here
Check your credit score using one of the various companies available online including, Experian, Equifax

Why go #ScrollFree this September

Social media is great at connecting people from all walks of life, but have you ever thought about how it may be having a negative impact on your life?  By going scroll free for a month, you’ll have a chance to reflect on your social media use, what you missed, what you didn’t and what you got to do and enjoy instead.

3/4 of those who went scroll free in 2018 said it improved their mental health according to the Royal Society for Public Health

Scroll Free September offers a unique opportunity to take a break from all personal social accounts for 30 days during September


Police Mutual offer a range of wellbeing support services, for more details check out the For You pages on our website

*according to a report carried out by


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