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Retirement planning

Fri 01 Sep 2017

So we recognise that whether your retirement is an imminent event or a distant dream, effective planning can bring greater peace of mind.

And because we get asked a lot about pensions, we've developed some useful tools to help you prepare for it.

Police Pensions Calculator

We've recently launched a new Police Pension Calculator. Enabling you to estimate the value of your annual pension, based on a range of retirement dates.

It provides a guide to the maximum cash sum that will be available to you at retirement, and shows how the value of your annual pension will be affected should you choose to take a lump sum.

If you're planning ahead, the Police Pension Calculator can help you estimate your financial position when you retire. And if you're considering early retirement, it will help you understand whether you can retire fully, or perhaps take on a part-time post-police role.

This pension and commutation calculator is intended for illustrative purposes, is not guaranteed and does not constitute personal advice.

Police Pension Reform

Since the Police Pension Scheme was reformed in 2015, many people have been left questioning what it means to them. So we've put together an overview of the changes, outlining key features of the new scheme and explaining how your benefits will be affected.

By reviewing the fundamental components of the reforms, and explaining features such as "transitional protection" and "tapered protection", we can help you gain a clearer picture of your financial position at retirement.

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