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Financial Education mini-modules for our volunteers

Thu 01 Oct 2020

The first round of on-line Financial Education mini-modules that we provided exclusively for our Force Authorised Officers (FAOs) and Authorised Officers (AOs), is now complete.

We ran 16 events in total throughout August and September and these were well attended by FAOs and AOs from all over the UK.
The event subjects were:

  • Wellbeing Services from Police Mutual
  • Effective Cash Management
  • Managing Debt and Credit Scores
  • Protection, Wills and Estate Planning

We ran a short survey after each event and the comments were really encouraging and included:

"Very helpful to know what services are available to signpost our members when future enquiries are received"

"Immediately after the workshop I engaged our Wellbeing and Mental Health lead directly to tap into the resources and include in future planning"

"Will share what Police Mutual can offer with my colleagues
A really useful overview. "

"The Health Assured app was new to me and again very useful Good to have an understanding of which debt to clear first "

"Very good idea to keep us all informed and reminded of what is available to our members. A very informative 30 minutes well delivered by Faye"

"It was great to meet you and put some faces to names. We hope to see you again soon as we will be running some of these modules again and we are also developing some new modules which should be ready soon."

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