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Support after life in the Police

Mon 08 Jan 2018

Police Mutual has worked closely with the National Association of Retired Police Officers (NARPO) of England and Wales for over 30 years, supporting retired Police Officers, Staff, Specials and their families through their lives after retirement.

NARPO is a member organisation that believes life can continue to flourish after the Police.

With branches up and down the country, NARPO offer advice and support to their members on life and wellbeing issues, provide new work opportunities and help make the most of new-found leisure time. They strive to help their members enjoy life to the fullest after the Police.

Membership of NARPO offers the following benefits:



  • Up to date advice and support on police pensions and state benefits
  • Access to NARPO's travel and healthcare insurance
  • NARPO tailored car insurance from Police Mutual
  • Campaigning on the issues that impact NARPO members


  • A wide range of full and part-time positions available on NARPO's website
  • Roles that are perfectly suited to ex-officers


  • Exclusive member discounts on holidays
  • Discounts on products and services
  • Networking and connecting members

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