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Telephone number change

Fri 05 Apr 2019

We’re making some changes to our telephone numbers and we wanted to keep you updated on what’s happening and how it could affect you.

We’re replacing our non-geographic telephone numbers (i.e. those starting 08 and 03) with our regional numbers.

Using regional numbers provides an opportunity for us to save costs without impacting the services that you will receive. We also want to reduce the telephone numbers we use, to make things more efficient to manage, and more straightforward for you.

We recently conducted a review of our telephony usage overall and the decision to make the changes was made to ensure we are managing our business in the best possible way for our members. This ensures we can continue to support our affinities for the long-term.

Unfortunately this means now that depending on whether you are calling from a landline or a mobile and the call plan you are on, it could now cost you to call us. Geographic UK numbers cost up to 13p per minute from a landline and from 3p to 15p per minute from a mobile. You can read more about call charges here.

Our numbers will begin to switch over from Saturday 6 April 2019, but don’t worry it shouldn’t impact our services to you. For the next 12 months, if you do call one of our old numbers they will still work but there will be a message advising you of our new numbers that you will need to use in the future.

Here are the new phone numbers you will now need to contact us:


0151 242 7640

Savings & Investments
Including Options ISA, Regular Savings Plans, Guaranteed ISA top-up and Savings for Children

01543 441630


0151 242 7645


01543 441630


01543 441630


01543 305318


0151 242 7829

To find out about the other ways you can speak to us visit our Contact Us page.

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