Latest: The first Wednesday in November each year is National Stress Awareness Day

We all know what it’s like to feel stressed - being under pressure is a normal part of life. But becoming overwhelmed by stress can lead to mental health problems or make existing problems worse.

Published on 04 Nov 2019

Mental Health Awareness Day

Mental health problems can affect anyone, any day of the year, but as today is mental health awareness day, it is a great day to look after your own wellbeing and show support to others.

Published on 10 Oct 2019

Tips for winter driving
It’s important to give your car a regular check and with busy lives, it’s something that we can all easily forget.

Published on 07 Oct 2019

Sleeptember 2019

We spend about a third of our lives asleep. Sleep is essential - It is as important to our bodies as eating, drinking and breathing, and is vital for maintaining good mental and physical health. Sleeping helps us to recover from mental as well as physical exertion.

Published on 17 Sep 2019

World Suicide Prevention Day 10 September

Worrying about money negatively affects people’s mental health and for those people experiencing mental health problems it makes it harder to manage their finances.

Published on 10 Sep 2019

Top Tips for improving your financial wellbeing during scroll free September

Scroll Free September offers a unique opportunity to take a break from all personal social accounts for 30 days during September

Published on 06 Sep 2019

Young driver car insurance: things to consider

A pivotal moment in most young adults’ lives is the day you pass your driving test. All your hard work has paid off and you’ve got more freedom than ever before. But if paying for all the lessons wasn’t expensive enough, once you pass you’ve got the cost of your car insurance to deal with.

Published on 03 May 2019

5 golden rules when choosing an investment
If you have made the decision to start investing, it’s important to take the time to research the market and find the right product for you. Below are some golden rules to follow to help you through the process.

Published on 05 Apr 2019

Spring Statement 2019 – What it means for you
The Spring Statement is the first of the Treasury’s annual updates on the country’s economic health, and this year it has the added complication of coming just two weeks before the date the UK is scheduled to leave the European Union.

Published on 01 Apr 2019

Top tips for buying a new car
If you are thinking about buying a new car it’s important that you make the right choice and get the best possible deal available. A new car represents a considerable investment, so before you part with your hard earned cash, check out our tips on buying a new car.

Published on 01 Mar 2019

Buying a used car: how to make the most of your budget
One of the benefits of buying a used car is that sellers and dealers are often fairly flexible on price.

Published on 01 Mar 2019

Is Blue Monday real?
Back in 2005, a simple press release* first identified the third Monday in January as the most depressing day of the year. It was ‘backed up’ by a scientific equation that looked at a basket of things: our levels of personal debt, how long we travel to work, the days since our New Year’s resolutions fell away, and so on.

Published on 14 Jan 2019

What to look for when buying a used car
Buying a second-hand car need not be a frightening experience. With a bit of foresight and planning, there are great deals to be had when buying pre-owned.

Published on 13 Sep 2018

Spring into spring
If you’re considering a house purchase this spring, here are some hints and tips to help you through the process.

Published on 30 Apr 2018

The Police Mutual Group - making a difference to Police and Military lives
Improving the lives of our members and customers in the Police and Military families is at the heart of everything we do and, with no shareholders, it means our focus is firmly on the people who protect us.

Published on 15 Mar 2018

Your guide to getting your finances into shape
Are your finances fit or flabby?

Published on 01 Mar 2018

Police Mutual – Our Privacy Promise
For over 150 years, Police Mutual has been dedicated to serving its members and the Police Service.

Published on 01 Mar 2018

Take the debt consolidation challenge
Concerned about your finances? Consolidating your debts could help you get back to being ‘financially fit’.

Published on 01 Jan 2018

Tips for winter driving
We’ve put together a few handy hints to help you avoid some seasonal motoring problems.

Published on 01 Dec 2017

Financial security & your overall wellbeing
Financial wellbeing; a crucial building block for general wellbeing

Published on 01 Nov 2017

Base rate increase
Now that the dust has settled on the first Bank of England base rate increase for a decade, what does it truly mean for your family finances? Here are some answers to your questions about interest rates, to help you understand:

Published on 01 Nov 2017

Healthcare - a member's story...
Getting on top of health issues as early as possible is key to staying healthy in later life

Published on 01 Nov 2017

Take the stress out of money
Now is the time to give your finances a makeover to ensure that you are in good shape by the festive season. Here we offer our five tips for organising your credit and spending this autumn.

Published on 31 Oct 2017

Making your credit score work for you
When did you last check your credit report? If it's been a while, then it might be time to take a fresh look

Published on 01 Sep 2017

Debt and financial wellbeing
Lots of us owe money on more than one credit card or have several different credit agreements or loans in place. It can be tricky keeping track of them all, especially if you’re making repayments on different days during the month and being charged different interest rates.

Published on 01 Sep 2017

The Police Mutual Healthcare Scheme
This is a concern for many people, not just Police Officers and Staff, but Officers can feel particularly exposed by a lack of access to adequate healthcare, and this can result in more stress, discomfort and anxiety.

Published on 01 Sep 2017

Top tips for a successful family BBQ
A BBQ is a great way to de-stress and bring the family and friends together.

Published on 01 Jun 2017

Make the most of your free time
You could spend the long summer evenings binge-watching box sets, but why not make the most of the light nights and warm weather by getting out there and enjoying yourself!

Published on 01 Jun 2017

Thinking about your retirement?
Whether your retirement is just around the corner or a distant dream, it's never too early to start planning for this life-changing event.

Published on 01 Jun 2017

Family friendly holiday destinations
When you work hard in a demanding job, your summer holiday offers a well earned opportunity to spend some quality time with your family.

Published on 01 Jun 2017

Guide to buying a used car
Buying a second-hand car can save you a bundle compared to a new model, but it's important to do your research before you buy.

Published on 01 Mar 2017

Stay safe online
Follow these basic precautions to stay safe online.

Published on 01 Dec 2016