Taking a sensible approach to help your money grow

The Police Mutual Life Fund is where our Members have been saving and investing for over 90 years. We don’t have any shareholders and so when managing the Fund we can always put our members first. Here’s how we do it:
  • We actively monitor the Fund’s mix of assets, taking into account the long term expected returns for each asset category as well as their risk characteristics
  • Where we use third party fund managers, we do so via a rigorous selection process and we review their performance regularly

What’s our Life Fund investment strategy?

  • To optimise the investment return while recognising the need to meet guarantees built into a lot of our products
How is our Life Fund performing?

You can check the quarterly updates of our Life Fund within our News & Blog section of the website.

How we manage risk

We operate our investment strategy in line with specified investment policies and controls approved by our Managing Board, setting out the assets in which we can invest and any limits to our exposure to different classes of asset. You can get an in-depth look at the way we manage policies invested in our Life Fund by taking a look at our Principles and Practices of Financial Management.

Don’t forget, all investments have a degree of risk, and there’s a possibility that the value of investments in the Life Fund can go down as well as up

Principles and Practices of Financial Management

The Financial Conduct Authority requires us to produce a document outlining our Principles and Practices of Financial Management, or PPFM. This document explains in more detail how we manage policies invested in our Life Fund, which includes our Regular Savings Plan.
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