Young Driver Car Insurance

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Helping young drivers stay safe on the roads

With More Than's telematics black box technology:

You get access to a personalised dashboard, so you can check your driving score and see your rewards.

The safer you drive, the higher your driving score, the more you’ll be rewarded.

There are no fines or premium increases in the policy year - unless you make changes or top up your mileage.

There are no night-time curfews - instead your driver score will reward you for driving at safe times. 

You set your own mileage limits - you can top up at any time, but it's cheaper to estimate accurately when you take out your cover.

You can start to build your no claim discount in claim free years.

Please note, your policy may be cancelled if the black box identifies you driving excessively fast or repeatedly speeding. For detailed policy information see the More Than website.

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All part of the service

At Police Mutual, we are always looking for opportunities to offer products to our members and their families.

We know how hard it can be for young drivers to get affordable car insurance. Which is why we have carefully chosen to work with More Than to offer Young Driver Insurance. Their black box technology offers young drivers the opportunity to get a lower premium and build up a no claims bonus, in claim free years.

Young Driver Car Insurance is provided by More Than. Visit our legal page for further details.

Young Driver Insurance

These products are introduced by PMGI Limited trading as Police Mutual, more information is available on our legal page.