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Healthcare Scheme
  • No waiting - Speak to an adviser to arrange treatment straight away 
  • Range of treatments included - Up to £30,000 in-patient treatment per year 
  • Choice - Choose your places of treatment at a high quality hospital 
  • Family care - Includes children under 18



*The 3 month free offer period is proposed to those persons joining the healthcare scheme as offered by Police Mutual. 12 month commitment required. Read the full terms and conditions here.

Healthcare Scheme Benefits

With Police Mutual Healthcare both you and your family can rest assured that if you're ill or injured, you'll have the best possible care and support to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible.

  • No waiting times - so you can see a consultant you want when it's convenient for you
  • Up to £30,000 in-patient treatment per year
  • The treatment year runs from 1 January to 31 December
  • Choose your place of treatment
  • High quality medical facilities
  • Family cover for all children under 18 years old
  • Private rooms with en-suite facilities
  • 24/7 GP Consultation Service, available to Healthcare members on 0345 222 5802

Our discretionary Healthcare Scheme provides cover for over 15,000 Police Officers, staff and their family members.

It is important that you call the Helpline on 0345 606 9901 before you receive any medical treatment you think you may need to claim for.

Learn how much it would cost to protect yourself and your family.

How old are you?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer cover to new customers aged 65 and over. If you are an existing customer aged 65 or over and wish to change your cover, please contact us for a personalised quote.

Prices are effective from 1 February 2018.

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Important Information

It is important you understand all of the Rules and exclusions of the Police Mutual Healthcare Scheme before considering applying.

Other things you should know

There is a full list of exclusions in the Scheme Rules. You can read full list on our website or by calling the claims office on 0345 606 9901.

The full claims procedures can be found on our website or by simply telephoning the claims office on 0345 606 9901.

We cover consultations, tests and operations with a surgeon in relation to cancer but do not cover chemotherapy, radiotherapy or on-going consultations with an Oncologist, as these are readily available on the NHS.

We have preferred provider contracts with particular hospitals and will endeavour to use them in all circumstances. However, if a procedure is not available at one of these hospitals authorisation will be considered for elsewhere.

Cash benefits are only available for planned NHS admissions and must be at least a one-night stay.

The cash benefit is not payable following emergency admissions or if your NHS stay is due to a procedure that the Scheme would not cover privately.You can claim £250 per night up to a maximum of 21 nights in any financial year.

No, there is one level of cover only and the annual limits apply to every member of the scheme.

Spouse/Partner (co-habiting) and dependent children (including step-children) up to the age of 18 years.

They are invited to join the Scheme in their own right and are entitled to the same benefits as serving officers. If they enter into full time education they will only have to pay a reduced rate of £13.50 until the end of their course or until they are 21, whichever is earliest. 

The Scheme is open to all Police Officers, PCSOs, Special Constables, Police Staff and their immediate families. To be eligible for the Scheme you must be aged under 65 when joining.

Once your membership of the healthcare scheme starts, any new condition (normally covered by the scheme) would be considered for treatment. Any pre-existing condition that you had in the five years prior to joining the scheme will be excluded. If you remain free from advice, medication and treatment for a continuous period of two years after your membership starts, the pre-existing condition can be considered for treatment. We may write to your GP for information before we can authorise any treatment. See the Healthcare rule book for a more detailed definition.

No, we are not insurers. The Healthcare Scheme is a mutual, discretionary scheme. This means that the scheme has been set up by and for members of the Police family, with no shareholders looking to make a profit. All the members pay in to the Scheme to provide cover when its needed for each other.

It's discretionary, because each case is looked at on an individual basis to see what help is right for that member. To make sure decisions are fair, the Scheme has Rules that guide which treatments are covered and what's not. But unlike private medical insurance, there is no 'hidden' extras or payments for 'extra' cover. Just one simple price for each member. No medicals, no big bureaucracy. Just a friendly team here to help you with you and your family's healthcare.

Product Summary

Accommodation & nursing

Fully covered in BMI and Nuffield Health hospitals under in-patient and day case treatment

Ancillary services

Fully covered (Operating theatre, drugs, dressings and surgical appliances used in connection with treatment and diagnostic procedures including pathology, X-rays and all medical scanning and imaging techniques)

Accompanying adult accommodation

Including up to £25 per night for up to 10 nights per year for one parent or guardian accompanying a dependent under 10 years old

Surgeons’ and anaesthetists’ services

Covered up to the level of current industry standard fee scales*

Physicians’ services

Fully covered

Out-patient treatment

Consultations covered up to £600 a year

Diagnostic procedures (including pathology, X-rays, ECGs and all medical scanning techniques covered up to £1,000 a year

Treatment (including physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, psychiatry and psychology where provided by a practitioner recognised by the Police Mutual Healthcare Scheme)  covered up to £600 a year


Nursing at home

Covered up to £1,000 a year (Following in-patient or day case treatment and provided by a registered nurse under the direction of a specialist)

Cash benefit

£250 per night (up to a maximum of 21 nights per year) when receiving non-emergency in-patient treatment