Member eligibility

Explore who’s eligible for Police Mutual Membership


Serving and Retired Police Employees

Anyone who's a Police serving or retired employee can benefit from Police Mutual. This includes Police Officers, Police Staff, PCSOs and Special Constables.

Previous Police Employees

Even if you leave the Police, you can still continue with your existing Police Mutual plans and take out additional ones.


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The families of current and retired Police employees can also benefit from Police Mutual. So whether you're the partner, parent, brother, sister, child, grandchild, niece, nephew or in-law of somebody in the Police, you can benefit.

How to become a member

You automatically become a member when you take out a Police Mutual product including our Regular Savings Plan, and Options ISA.

You will also become a member when you take out a healthcare plan, a mortgage through our Mortgage advisory service, car, home or life insurance. If you take out a savings product for your children, they'll become members too.