"For many, retirement is less about winding down and more about new ventures and avenues to explore"
Helen talks about the many options available to those settling into retirement:

A new career

It might seem odd to leave the world of work only to come back into it. But there can be a multitude of reasons. For one, you might need the money or you may have the opportunity to start a new, totally unrelated second career.

We often find that retired police officers are interested in security or driving positions, and once again, our online retirement centre offers second career help and support including how to write a CV and how to prepare for an interview.


For many retirees, volunteering can be especially rewarding. Whether it’s helping out with the local children’s football team, assisting with a charity or working at a hospital - there are countless opportunities. Find out more about volunteering here.

What about taking up that sport you’ve never had the time to enjoy?

Golf, swimming, yoga, cycling, whatever takes your fancy. And sports like golf not only keep you healthy and active, the nineteenth hole provides a great social meeting place.

Similarly, a new hobby or interest may be your thing. Many retirees find that activities like woodworking, painting and gardening can turn from a hobby into a money earning opportunity. Perhaps you have always had an idea for a product or service – now’s the time to test it out.


If your passion, like mine, is to travel or that a particular country is on your bucket list, then retirement provides a whole world of options. Whether you want to travel across the US (I’ve visited over 28 states so far!) or take several big holidays a year - the world’s your oyster. There are even schemes to exchange homes or work for extended stays in wonderful places.

Or what about taking a gap year?

They’re not just for students, more and more folks are planning for a year’s break right after their retirement. They allow many to breathe after a hectic working career and gain a little perspective.

So you can see that for many people retirement is less about winding down and more about new ventures, new ideas, new experiences and looking after your close and extended family. Perhaps you have always wanted to travel around the world, work for a relief organisations, learn Italian in Rome, build a website, or learn how to repair clocks – this is your chance!

It’s also important to remember that good financial planning goes hand in hand with this new chapter in your life. Managing your money effectively can ensure that you can bring your new ideas to life, whilst safeguarding your lifestyle and security.

The Police Mutual Retirement Centre has loads of information and support on savings, investments and details on how our independent financial advice team could be of service. Check it out when you can.
Helen Blackshaw
Wellbeing Services Manager