"We want to understand your plans so we can help you achieve your goals"

Jane looks at how a little forward planning can help your retirement in the long run:

Once you’ve retired, you’ll suddenly become very popular! All kinds of financial organisations will be ringing you up with a view on how you should spend or invest your lump sum.

So it’s wise to make plans now and stick to them. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have you completed your action plan for things you need to get out of your retirement? What are your short-term and long-term goals? Find our useful Action Plan Template here.

    Will you have enough income in retirement or do you need to look for a new job? Check out our Second Careers section for more information.

    What do you need your commutation to do for you? Should you use it to help pay off debts (mortgage, loans, credit cards) or use it for something else? Read our Paying Off Your Debts page for more information.

    What commitments do you already have? What large expenses do you anticipate in the future? Our Commutation Planner will help you to see how much you'll need to put by to achieve your plans and how much you'll have to invest for your future.

So as you can see, you really do need to prepare well. But you’re not on your own, we can help. We’re always on hand to understand your plans and help you achieve them. Whether you’re planning a second career or want to invest, we’re here to look after you not make a quick profit out of you.

It’s what a not-for-profit organisation is all about and what makes us so different. We have no shareholders, so all our resources are used to help improve the lives of our members – approaching retirement and beyond.


Jane Howell
Retirement Proposition Manager