Why choose Police Mutual Independent Financial Advice?

  • Independent and impartial
  • Low initial charges
  • Investment advice from a name you know and trust
  • Performance related annual charges
  • Online access to help you keep an eye on your investments
Independent and impartial

We're focused on offering an all-round value for money service to our clients with low initial charges, regular reviews and online access to keep track of your investments.

Our Independent Financial Advisers can provide impartial, independent advice on products available to you from the whole of the UK market. We focus on the needs of members of the Police Family. We've listened to what advice our clients want and designed our service to match those needs.

Look at what our clients think of our service:

Other things you should know

  • Deposit based accounts/products should be used for 'rainy day' funds and capital required within 5 years.
  • Investments with capital guarantees may be used in certain circumstances in order to reduce portfolio risk. However, these can be complex in nature and can carry counterparty risks. Where appropriate, we reduce this risk by utilising investments where the capital guarantee falls within Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) limits.
  • Our expertise is in financial planning, risk mitigation and tax efficiency. We will always seek to maximise tax efficiency for clients but not at the expense of risk or liquidity.

    We believe that asset allocation, not fund choice, will largely determine investment returns.

    We will therefore use both active and passive investment types. Passive investments will generally be used with clients who would prefer a lower cost, 'buy and hold' approach with their portfolio. In such instances we will use fund management groups who will actively review the asset allocation.

    Although constantly adjusting portfolios to chase performance frequently destroys value, we believe reviewing portfolios on at least an annual basis is extremely important.

  • We will always look to debt repayment before we consider investment of capital.
  • Achieving the client's required level of investment return whilst minimising the degree of risk they have to take is our objective. We also believe that diversification of investment assets plays a fundamental role in minimising risk.