Respite Care

Taking a break from everyday life can be crucial, not only for those recovering from a life-changing illness or serious mental health problem, but also for their partners and family too.

Respite Care

Police Officers are likely to be subject to a variety of traumatic incidents throughout the course of their working lives. Such events have the potential not only to affect an individual personally but can have a significant impact on their work and home life too.

Having a short break away from the normal routine is an opportunity for a person to recharge their batteries in different surroundings, either alone or with family and can have life-changing benefits if delivered at the right time, in the right way.

We know from our own research, that respite care provision across the Police Service varies, with some forces having no access to facilities at all.

That’s why…

The Police Mutual respite service, funded by the Police Mutual Foundation, aims to look after and help members of the Police family who are at their absolute lowest ebb due to situations like:

Diagnosis of a terminal illness
Life-changing surgery
The loss of a loved one (child or partner)
Sustaining significant injury on duty

We have also developed a specific respite programme for retired Police personnel and their families living with dementia.

Dementia can be a cruel disease, not only having a debilitating impact on the person living with it but putting enormous strain on those who care for them. A short respite break can have a real benefit for all concerned, reducing carer strain and improving the mood and confidence of the  individual with dementia.

Working with experts in this field, we're confident we can provide the right support every step of the way and can make a real difference to the lives of those involved.

For more information please email or call 01543 305266.