Money back in your pocket

Money back in your pocket

It's widely thought that the current economic climate is unlikely to change anytime soon. With savings interest rates at an all-time low and little growth in take-home pay, it’s hardly surprising that financial worries affect seven in ten of the UK’s working population¹. It’s even higher amongst emergency services personnel, with 95% of 18-24 year olds and 81% of 35-49 year olds suffering the effects of money worries².
That’s why:

Police Mutual products and services aim to put money back into the pockets of Police Officers and Staff:

  • Officers taking out a basket of our products typically saved £1,674 in 2016.
    Equating to a 4.4% pay increase³.


  • Our whole of market mortgage service can help to identify the best deals available.
    Meaning our members hold on to more of their money.


  • We paid out £63.7m in Regular Savings maturities.
    Providing more than 15,500 members with an average of over £4,000 to spend in 2016.


  • We launched our new stocks and shares Options ISA.
    With over £43 million invested and including eight fixed-term ISA offers for the Police family.


  • Members using our mortgage advice service typically saved £500 in advice fees.
    A total saving of £794,000 for our members in 2016.


  • Our home and motor insurance products provide interest-free monthly payment options, with no admin fees for changes to policies.
    Meaning there are no hidden costs so members know exactly what to expect.

Police Mutual internal statistics 2016.

¹The DNA of Financial Wellbeing - Neyber 2016.
²Financial Wellbeing - Police, Fire and Rescue Services Spotlight - Neyber 2016.
³Based on an individual in their 30s with a salary of £38,000, holding Police Mutual mortgage, home and motor insurance, healthcare, personal loan and fixed-term ISA products.