Mental Health Research

Mental Health Research

Research by the mental health charity Mind, shows that in 2015, 91% of Police experienced stress and poor mental health at work¹ and, as a whole, UK Police forces lost 600,000 sick days as a result of stress, anxiety and depression².

Although Officers who are unable to work because of a mental health illness will receive full pay for a limited time, they will not be entitled to receive the allowances that many rely upon as part of their monthly wage, which in turn can cause more anxiety.

That’s why:

  • We funded a piece of qualitative research with Professor Amanda Griffiths from Nottingham University.
    Talking to experts in the Service to understand what problems they have encountered with regards to mental health and how they could be addressed.


  • We shared our findings and debated them with interested parties.
    Helping forces put mental health wellbeing firmly on the agenda and developing a range of interventions including:

–    support for the development of a mental health champion network
–    funding for educational programmes on mental health awareness and mindfulness
–    funding for patient advisers in the Police Treatment Centres in Harrogate and Scotland to help those who need support
–    the creation of a relaxation area at Flint House
–    funding for a trained counsellor for the North West Benevolent Fund Lodge in Lancashire.