Health Screening

Health Screening

We recognise that it’s not always easy for you to make time for basic health checks.

Organised through local forces, our health screenings are conducted by qualified medical professionals, providing free and confidential health support across the UK, for Police Service employees at their workplace or any other Police event.

Each screening provides quality time with a specialist nurse to discuss your personal health and lifestyle.

You’ll receive advice based on your consultation and results so you know how to maintain and, if necessary, improve your wellbeing.

Screenings include:

  • Medical questionnaire 
  • Height, weight, BMI
    Ashwell test    
  • Pulse check
    Pulse rate check  
  • Blood pressure check
    Blood glucose check (if clinically appropriate)  
  • Cholesterol check
    Urine check
    General health advice    

If any health issues are identified, we’ll give you appropriate advice on what to do next.

Our basic health check saves lives. 83% of those screened are very or quite likely to take action as a result.

“After my health screening appointment it looks like I have room for improvement – so no surprises there! Seriously, I think the feedback is informative and helpful and could well spur on improved behaviours.”

Police Officer, Hampshire

For more information please email or call 01543 305266.