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What is the Options ISA?

The Options ISA is a stocks and shares ISA that gives you four different, tax-efficient options to save lump sums, regular amounts or both. You can pick just one option, split your money across several or put money into different options, at different times. 

So, whether you’re looking for a fixed rate, total security, potentially better returns or a combination of all of these, you can get them all with our Options ISA plan.

Why Non Guaranteed?

This option has been designed for savers who are willing to sacrifice guarantees for potentially higher returns.

It’s more suitable for those looking to save over a longer period, but you are not required to invest for any set time scale and whether your money grows will depend on investment performance based on our Life Fund.

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Key features

Potential returns

Greater potential return than other options, but without guarantees. Whilst you can withdraw your money at any point, your investment may go down as well as up, so you may get back less than you put in, when you withdraw.

Small minimum investment

We only require a £100 lump sum or a £40 regular monthly premium to start your plan.

Transfers and top ups

You can change or stop a monthly regular payment at any time and transfers from previous tax years are also allowed.

How has Non Guaranteed performed?

Please see the table below. It shows the value of the Non Guaranteed option invested on 1 April 2014 - 1 April 2019 and the value that the member could have received if they were to withdraw all of their investment on the specified date. Example based on Police Mutual simulated past performance figures, though you should remember past performance is no indication of future performance and should not be the reason for choosing a product.

Date Police Mutual Non Guaranteed % in period
01/04/2014 £13,000 -
01/04/2015 £13,993 + 7.6%
01/04/2016 £13,846 - 1.1%
01/04/2017 £14,809 + 7.0%
01/04/2018 £16,016 + 8.2%
01/04/2019 £15,579 - 1.7%
Total gains £2,749 + 21.1%
You should remember past performance is no indication of future performance and should not be the reason for choosing a product.
Example based on Police Mutual simulated past performance figures due to product launching in November 2015.
Example based on a £13,000 initial investment on 1 April 2014 and assumes no withdrawals are made.
Investment of £13,000 based on ISA transfer.
Performance figures take into account all charges which are applied during the period. Charges may vary.
The performance of your own investment will depend on how much you invest, our charges and our investment performance.
Your investment may go down as well as up, so you may get back less than you put in when you withdraw your savings.
The value of tax benefits depends on your individual circumstances and tax rates or legislation which could change in the future.
Our Options ISA is a Stocks and Shares ISA.

Am I eligible?

Yes, if you’re a UK resident. The minimum age for opening a plan is 18 and the maximum age you can add money is 85. You will also need to be a serving/retired police employee, Special or a member of their family.

Partners and wider family of the above, including parents, brothers and sisters, children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters-in-law and parents-in-law.

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How do I save?

You can invest a lump sum by card, bank or building society account transfer, cheque (not online) or ISA transfer.

Options ISA funds

Our Options ISA includes other options you may find of interest:

Anytime Access

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Fixed Term

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Protected Growth

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You may also want to know how different options can work together. Click here to see how, using our Options ISA Calculator.

And finally, if you want to look into the benefits of a stocks and shares ISA versus a Cash ISA, please seek professional advice.

Important information

It’s important you understand all of the key features of the Options ISA if you are considering applying.

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Just have your NI number and bank details to hand.

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These products are provided by Police Mutual Assurance Society Limited trading as Police Mutual, more information is available on our legal page.