Options ISA

One ISA, more ways to save

One ISA, more ways to save

Flexible Tax Free Savings

Investment help tool

Flexible Tax Free Savings

What is the Options ISA?

The Options ISA is a stocks and shares ISA that gives you four different, tax-efficient options to save lump sums, regular amounts or both. You can pick just one option, split your money across several or put money into different options, at different times. 

So, whether you’re looking for a fixed rate, total security, potentially better returns or a combination of all of these, you can get them all with our Options ISA plan.

Options ISA funds

Anytime Access

For savers who want money-back protection on their investment at all times

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Fixed Term

For savers who want to invest a lump sum over a fixed term for fixed growth

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Protected Growth

For savers looking to invest a lump sum over five years or more with guaranteed protection

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Non Guaranteed

For savers who are willing to sacrifice guarantees for potentially higher returns

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Which option is right for me?

If you have decided a stocks and shares ISA is right for you, but are still unsure which of the options you would like to invest in, our investment tool below may be able to help.

Try out our Investment help tool

Click to answer the questions below and we’ll display the option that matches your answers.

How will you fund your ISA?

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Which of these do you agree with most?

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Please note: this is a guide to aid you with your decision but should not be taken as advice.

What are the key features of the Option ISA?

Whichever option or combination of options you choose, our Options ISA plan will allow you to…

Save tax

You can contribute up to £20,000 this tax year without paying capital gains tax on future returns. Transfers from previous tax years are also allowed.*

Invest flexibly

Investing can be a great way to grow your wealth and with our Options ISA you have the flexibility to decide how best to put your money to work.

Access your investment at any time

You can withdraw or transfer to another ISA at any point.

*The value of tax benefits depends on your individual circumstance and tax rates or legislation which could change in the future.

**With Fixed Term if you withdraw before the end of the term, you will only get back what you invested.

With the Protected Growth option, if you withdraw your money other than on the five-year set guarantee points, you may get back less than you have put in.

With the Non Guaranteed option, your money can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you put in when you withdraw your savings.

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