Investment Choice

Stock market investments can generate a higher return in the medium to long term compared to cash based accounts.

But whilst there is potential for strong growth, there is also risk involved which means, unlike cash based investments your investment will go up and down in value and you may get back less than you've paid in.

If you're looking to invest, we offer outstanding funds in partnership with leading fund manager, Fidelity Worldwide Investment™. We select our range of funds to offer excellent value and to meet the needs of people in the Police.

Our Investment Choice range offers you:

Flexibility to invest lump sums (from £500) and save regularly (from £50 per month).

Option to invest in or out of an ISA. The ISA option can save you tax.

Specialist investment fund management through leading fund manager, Fidelity Worldwide Investment™.

Manage your investment account online giving you full control of your money.

No fixed term although you should aim to invest for at least five years.

The (not so) small print

The value of tax benefits depends on your individual circumstance and tax rates or legislation which could change in the future.

There are no guarantees on this product so may get back less than you invest.

Annual Investor Fee of £45. For other charges relating to your investment please see Key Features Document for further details.

Product Features Table


  Description Further Details
MoneyBuilder Growth Fund
  • Aims to achieve long-term growth for your capital.
  • Invests in a range of UK company shares.
  • Option for payment of income, twice a year.
MoneyBuilder Balanced Fund
  • Aims to generate income together with some long term capital growth.
  • Invests mostly in UK company shares and bonds.
  • Option for payment of monthly income.
MoneyBuilder Income Fund
  • Invests in UK bonds aiming to achieve an attractive level of income.
  • Monthly income paid with the option to reinvest it back into the fund.


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  • For people who want to build and manage their own investment portfolio
  • Online access to over 1,100 investment funds from 65 leading providers


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