Commutation Slider Tool

Use this Commutation Slider Tool to find the perfect balance between income and lump sum.

This Commutation Slider Tool is designed for officers in the 1987 scheme with full protection and not subject to the Police Pension reforms. It is intended illustrative purposes only. It does not take account of individual circumstances, particularly if you:
) Are retiring due to ill health or redundancy
b) Have a deferred pension
c) Work part-time
d) Have had a break in service for maternity leave.

Find out about all other pension schemes here. 

Police Pension 1987 Scheme





Pension amount you would like to offset against your commutation

Your take home pay:

Current Monthly Net Salary


Your Monthly Net Pension


Please make sure you are aware of the rules of your pension scheme and always contact your force Pension department for a personal illustration before making any decisions around your retirement and pension.

Date last updated: April 2018

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