Meet Our Team

 Our Independent Financial Advice team has long experience of helping serving and retired Police employees and their families.

Jim Patten - In your view what should a financial planning service be about?

Jim Patten

A good financial planning service will find out what a customer wants and meet those needs, whether or not that means any income for the firm. If an individual does come on board as a client, that's just the start of the relationship. You've got to add value to the financial 'journey', not just manage money or be reactive.


How do you believe you add value to clients?

I believe financial planning is a long term issue - you've got to be there when people's circumstances change. Service and long term relationships are key.


Having left university with a degree in English I joined a major high street bank in the financial services department, dealing with investment portfolios, Trusts and the distribution of Estates when people died. This gave me a good grounding in a range of areas, and I moved on to an Independent Financial Adviser role with an accountancy firm in the North West before joining Roland Smith in 1998. This has given me long experience of dealing with the Police Family, both serving and retired, and I have supplemented this practical experience by gaining the Diploma in Financial Planning from the Personal Finance Society.

What do clients say about you?

'We were given good advice tailored to our situation. We felt we could trust Jim to do the best for us and never at any time did we feel pressurised. We took advice from other institutions and felt that Jim and Police Mutual were the most professional.'

What is your personal life like?

I am married with one son, which keeps me busy, but in what spare time I have I'm a keen cyclist and long-suffering fan of Preston North End.

Rob Blount - What do clients say about you?

Rob Blount

I was proud to receive this quote recently from a member: "You always come back to me with the information I need and more importantly, you do what you say you'll do"


How do you believe you add value to clients?

I believe I add value to clients by breaking down the jargon and complexity of financial planning by interpreting their individual requirements and using my experience and knowledge to recommend the right solution for their needs.


I joined the financial services industry as a Stockbroker in 2005, since then I have worked as a Tied (restricted) adviser and an IFA. I have been working with the Police Service and their families for the last three years.

What is your personal life like?

I am a football coach for a local mini soccer team and I enjoy trying (but fail) to keep fit at the gym. I have a long term partner and a son who is at school.

In your view what should a financial planning service be about?

A financial planning service to me is all about two things, firstly, trust, you need to trust who you're dealing with, not just because of the security of your assets but trusting that the adviser has your best interests at heart. Secondly, a service that isn't delivered isn't a service at all, and so, doing what you say you'll do is paramount.

Ben Vickers - How do you believe you add value to clients?

Ben Vickers

I believe that added value comes from having a broad view and being able to forget 'product sales'. My role is financial planning and that might mean advising on how to set up a company or run a property portfolio, or it might mean arranging an investment.



I joined the financial services industry in 1992 and have been both an adviser for a single company and an independent adviser, a trainer and worked on a variety of business improvement projects. My various roles have contributed to an in-depth knowledge of both the industry and the products available. I have worked as an IFA since 2008.

What do clients say about you?

'Ben gave us extremely sound advice. He was very knowledgeable and easy to understand. We were very impressed by his friendly, professional manner and would recommend him highly.'

What is your personal life like?

I have always had an interest in anything practical - I think this started at about age nine when I started taking bicycles apart. So I spend some of my spare time mending and modifying. I have played the drums for most of my life and at the weekends I play in a barn dance band. I am married with two children who are still at school.

In your view what should a financial planning service be about?

The client comes first. Without a clear understanding of the desires and objectives of the client both now and in the future it is impossible to plan their finances with them. With this approach the solution is usually very clear and will fit the client objectives rather than the other way round which is to fit the client to the solution.

Iain Jackson - How do you believe you add value to clients?

Iain Jackson

I believe that I add value by fully understanding the needs and circumstances of my clients and having a genuine desire to do what’s right for the client rather than what appears to create most income for the business. It is very refreshing to see this ethos echoed at the Police Mutual after having advised at large, high street banks. I also take pride in being able to give clear, easy to understand explanations which makes the process of getting financial advice less daunting.


Mini - resume

After graduating from Leeds University with a Management Studies degree, I started my career as an Account Manager for a large blue chip company. This gave me an excellent foundation within a customer focused role and helped develop my ability to build strong relationships.

I then decided to undertake a professional qualification in 2008 and become a Financial Adviser. Since then, I have worked for a couple of major high street banks where I dealt with customers from all walks of life before joining Police Mutual.

What is my personal life like?

I'm very much into keeping myself fit and I enjoy running, cycling and going to the gym.

Hoa Cam - Senior Administrator

Hoa Cam

Hoa’s role, as Senior Administrator, is to provide administration support, in particular for Rob Blount and Iain Jackson and their clients. He also oversees the effective and efficient day to day running of the administration team.


As regards his approach, as Hoa says:

'I pride myself on dealing with any client queries as speedily as possible. I know when I'm dealing with a company I want answers quickly and, If an issue can't be resolved immediately, I want to be kept up to date with progress. I try to bring this understanding to all my dealings with clients.

The bottom line is that if the client is happy, I'm happy'.

William Patchett - Administrator

William Patchett

Will's role as an administrator, is to support Tim Warnes with the effective oversight and management of his clients plans and policies.


He also administers our None Advised Protection Service for clients who know what cover they want and are simply looking for the most competitive quote.

"Receiving financial advice is daunting for many clients. As such, it is important that our clients have confidence in us that their interests are our priority. The role I play in this, which I take pride in, is to be a point of contact for our clients to answer any queries they may have and to effectively deal with their requirements."

Julie Halladay - Administrator

Julie Halladay

Julie's role as an administrator, is to support Jim Patten and Ben Vickers with the effective oversight and management of their clients plans and policies.


Julie has worked in financial services for many years and brings a wealth of experience with her.

'Giving excellent customer service and taking a pro-active approach to my work is at the core of every interaction I have with our members. I really believe that our members benefit from our focus on dealing with them efficiently and in a timely manner'.