Dispelling some weight loss myths

A healthy lifestyle is important for achieving your full potential

A healthy lifestyle is important for achieving your full potential. Burning more calories than you consume, preferably through exercise or reducing your food intake, is the best weight loss method. It's also worth remembering a few common myths:

1) "Skipping meals is a good way to lose weight"

Missing meals is actually one of the worst ways to lose weight - it's unsustainable and can result in tiredness and poor nutrition. It's often counterproductive too, as it can make you more likely to eat sugary and high-fat snacks during periods of hunger. This is important for Police Officers to bear in mind, as shift work can mean that sticking to regular meal times is difficult but well worth the effort.

2) "Starving myself is the best way to shed the pounds"

Crash diets or fasting might allow you to lose weight in the short term, but the results are likely to be short-lived. Furthermore, extreme dieting has been shown by recent research to actually slow an individual's metabolism and weaken their immune system.

3) "Carbohydrates make you put on weight"

If you choose to stop eating carbohydrates, any weight you lose is likely to be through water loss. A low-carb diet can help you with temporary weight loss but it won't help you shift body fat. For anyone wanting to lose weight in the long term, at a sustainable pace, low-carb diets are never going to be the best option.

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