We’re proud to have supported the 2015 Police Bravery Awards

Police Bravery Awards 2015 headerPolice Mutual is proud to have supported the national Police Bravery Awards for the seventh consecutive year, continuing our commitment to this important and inspirational event in the Policing calendar.

On 27 October, we joined the Police Federation of England and Wales to pay tribute to the outstanding courage of the 64 Police Officers from 38 forces nominated for bravery awards, for selflessly putting their lives in danger to protect others from harm.

Celebrating the bravery of Police Officers

It was an honour to have the opportunity to meet the exceptional Officers who received awards and hear their inspirational stories on the night, joining their family, friends and colleagues to celebrate their bravery.  

At Police Mutual we are very proud of our strong links to the Police Federation, both at a national and force level, and are honoured to have continued our support for such an important event.

Our ongoing, long-term commitment to support these awards reflects the incredible respect we have for the work of the Police Service and the Officers who face extremely challenging situations every day to keep the public safe.

National Overall Award - Group

There was a national overall award that went to joint recipients from the Metropolitan Police and West Midlands Police and regional award recipients listed below.

PC Winston Mugarura: Lone off-duty Officer catches culprits of vicious group attack - National Overall Award 1 (Metropolitan)

National Overall Award 1 - Metropolitan: PC Winston Mugarura

While off duty at Christmas 2013, PC Winston Mugarura saw a man on the ground being kicked and stamped on by 10 men. He ran to break it up but they ignored him, continuing to beat the man and attacking PC Mugarura. Two members of the public stepped in to help, and PC Mugarura got the man to safety as the group ran off. Hearing a scream, PC Mugarura found two women who had been assaulted by the group, one with very serious injuries. He left the women in the care of witnesses and chased the men, managing to arrest the main suspect. Three other suspects were also arrested.

PCs Adam Koch and Jean Stevens: Police partners wrestle knife-wielding man at mosque - National Overall Award 2 (West Midlands)

National Overall Award 2 - West Midlands: PCs Adam Koch and Jean Stevens

In June 2013, PCs Adam Koch and Jean Stevens were called to a Birmingham mosque after reports that three worshippers had been stabbed. PC Koch rushed to arrest the offender, deploying his Taser, but the man simply shrugged it off. He lunged at PC Koch with a commando-style knife, but despite suffering serious wounds to his stomach and back, PC Koch wrestled him to the ground, helped by PC Jean Stevens. PC Stevens cuffed the man then gave first aid to her wounded partner until the ambulance arrived. The man was arrested and is being held indefinitely in a secure mental health facility.

PC Paul Kirwin: Quick-thinking Officer tackles an armed robber - Region 1 (Merseyside)

Region 1

In July 2013, PC Paul Kirwin was on routine patrol when he saw a man acting suspiciously. He followed him to a shop, where he saw him pointing a gun at staff inside. PC Kirwin immediately jumped on the man and, after a struggle, forced him to drop the gun. The man was arrested and later admitted to attempted armed robbery and possession of a firearm with intent.

PC Rob Ford: Off-duty Officer rescues two women from a car crash in Cumbria - Region 2 (Northumbria)

Region 2

PC Rob Ford was off duty in the Lake District in April 2014 when he spotted a serious collision involving two cars. He gave first aid to a woman trapped in one car, then noticed the other catching fire. The woman inside was seriously injured, with two broken legs, so PC Ford tried to pull her from the hot, smoke-filled car. With the help of a passer-by, PC Ford continued to try to free her, even though flames were now inside the footwell. They were finally able to save her before the entire car caught fire. PC Ford returned to help the other woman and thanks to his actions, both survived.

PCs Janine Hagger and Peter Moulton: Officers fend off man on violent rampage - Region 4 (Cambridgeshire)

Region 4

Last November, PCs Hagger and Moulton were called to reports of a young man with mental health issues who had attacked his mother. They found him in a garden, armed with a Stanley knife. The Officers tried to restrain him, but he attacked them, cutting PC Moulton's neck and biting his arm three times, and punching PC Hagger in the face and stomach. She cut her fingers as she tried to take the knife from him. The man armed himself with a garden fork, handsaw and shears and ran at the Officers before escaping into a house, where he held the saw to the occupant's throat. Firearms Officers arrived but he escaped and ran into the street, where he was eventually overcome by more Officers and sedated by Air Ambulance crew.

PC Christopher Kouwenberg: Armed kidnappers caught after high speed car chase - Region 5 (Hertfordshire)

Region 5

In November 2013, PC Kouwenberg and his colleague were on car patrol when they spotted a car with an expired MOT. The driver sped off at over 100mph, went through a red light and eventually stopped. Two men ran out, chased by the Officers. One had a gun in each hand and shot at PC Kouwenberg five times. When the Officers returned to the car, they found a man with blood on his jacket and his hands tied. He told them that the two men had said they were going to kill him. Both guns and £20,000 of cocaine were later found in the area and the kidnappers were arrested and convicted.

PCs Owen Davies and Rhiannon Hurst: Courageous pair save family from house fire - Region 7 (Gwent)

Region 7

Early one morning in January 2014, PCs Owen Davies and Rhiannon Hurst were called to a serious house fire. They rescued seven people, despite unbearable heat and smoke, then were told a disabled child was trapped in the attic. They went back inside but couldn't open the attic door, so PC Hurst left to call for help. The ceiling started to collapse, burning PC Davies' clothing, but he continued to try the door until he was eventually forced to retreat. The fire service arrived with breathing apparatus and rescued the child, who had climbed onto the roof. No one was seriously injured.