Introducing our new-look Wellbeing Zone

The Police Mutual Foundation's Wellbeing Zone has a new look and a whole range of new features and interactive tools - take a look and see how it can help you achieve a healthier lifestyle...

The Police Mutual Foundation is delighted to introduce the new-look Wellbeing Zone, with a range of new features and interactive tools to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle and improve your wellbeing.

The Wellbeing Zone is a free online health and wellbeing resource, containing information, fact sheets and tools such as a personal trainer and diet diary to help you with exercise, diet, and stress management. The site also provides national discounts for spas and fitness clubs in your area.

The website has had a design overhaul to make it easier to use, with exciting new features including an enhanced wellbeing assessment wheel and analysis tool, goal setting and tracking options, a wellbeing logbook, exercise videos and much more.

The new version is also a fully responsive Mobile Web application - so you can visit the site on your phone or tablet.

If you're already a registered Wellbeing Zone user, you won't need to do anything as the site will automatically upgrade next time you visit.

New users should check with their HR department to find out their force-specific login and organisation code.