What a difference a year makes - Regular Savings

Last year our members took out 28,500 new Regular Savings plans...

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2014 - a good year for Regular Savers

Our Regular Savings plan is designed to make it easy to get into the savings habit - which is why our members took out a total of 28,500 new plans in 2014.

In total, our members saved an impressive £67.9m into their Regular Savings plans during last year. As there's no minimum premium, they could choose to put away an amount to suit their budget.

And when their Regular Savings plans matured, we paid out a total of £94m to our members last year.

Our Regular Savings plan is designed for those looking to save for the medium to long term. You can cash in your plan at any time, but this should be as a last resort as you may get back less than you've invested.

The guaranteed payout varies with age because of the life cover included in the plan and, for those who are older, may be less than has been paid in.

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