Retiring? Make sure you get the benefits you’re entitled to

What to expect once you reach the state retirement age

This year's Budget brought a number of significant pension reforms, so now might be a good time to take stock of what to expect once you reach the state retirement age.

Your Police Pension may not be your only source of income, as you may have also paid into other schemes in the past or even be entitled to certain benefits. These are all worth investigating to understand exactly how much your income will be.

State Pension

The Basic State Pension is paid by the government when you reach the state retirement age. It's based on the number of qualifying years you build up during your working life, which are earned through the National Insurance Contributions you've actually paid. You can request a statement of your qualifying years from HM Revenue & Customs. The rules on how your state pension is calculated changed earlier this year for anyone reaching state retirement age after 6 April 2016 and there is more information on the government's website.  

With the recent pension reforms, the state retirement age for men and women has increased - check your retirement date using the GOV.UK's State Pension age calculator.

How much will your State Pension be?

You can get a state pension statement at any time (but no later than four months from your state retirement age) by contacting the Department for Work & Pensions on 0800 3000 168. 

If you don't have enough qualifying years, you may still get a percentage of the full State Pension benefits. You may also be able to make up the difference by paying voluntary National Insurance Contributions.

Tracing past pensions

If you've had jobs before you started your career with the Police, you may have been a member of a company scheme. If you've lost the details of any schemes you were a member of, the Pension Tracing Service could put you in touch with the scheme administrator to find out more.


Retired officers who are still under state retirement age may be eligible for other state benefits. There's more information in our online Retirement Centre.