Police dramas poll: the results are in

In our October newsletter we asked if you watched Police dramas on TV. Here's what you told us...

In our October newsletter we asked you if watched Police dramas on TV. It seems you have a real love/hate relationship with them, with the results split down the middle: almost 54% of you enjoyed them compared to 46% who avoided them.  

But whether you watched them or not, most of you agreed that they don't reflect the real world of Policing.

In fact, the hilarious inaccuracy was the main appeal for just over a third of you (35%), while just under a third (31%) refused to watch because the inaccuracy was too annoying.

It seems like the old ones are the best, with The Bill and The Sweeney named as two of the most accurate and New Tricks providing good entertainment.

A small number of you felt Police dramas were true to life, which was appealing to some of you (9%) and off-putting to the rest (6%). A very small minority (2%) said you could learn a lot from them. One of you had even been in Police dramas as an extra!

For some of you, though, there was a more serious side to Police dramas. Around 9% of you thought they gave Policing a bad name and one of you commented that "they teach people how to commit crime and avoid detection".

But as one Police drama fan observed: "I understand that it is FICTION".