Protect yourself from the top 5 home insurance disasters this winter

We asked our Liverpool team to tell us the top 5 home insurance claims they see in winter, and this is what they said...

Winter is a key time for accidental damage or even burglary, and the cold weather can bring its own home insurance problems too.  

According to our team in Liverpool, the top five home insurance claims they see at this time of year are:

1. Weather-related claims - cold spells mean claims for storm damage or burst pipes are top of the list in winter.

2. 'Escape of water' claims - in second place is contents damage caused by bursts or leaks from radiators or tanks, which can wreak havoc through the entire house.

3. Burglary - According to Crimestoppers, burglary rises by around a quarter during the winter months, as days get shorter and it's already dark when many people get home from work.

4. Freezer contents - as families stock up on frozen food, claims for freezer contents can reach hundreds of pounds.

5. Accidental damage - generally in the top five all year round, during the winter we tend to see claims for carpets spills and damaged electrical items as people spend more time indoors in the cold weather.

Police Mutual's home insurance offers as standard £60,000 contents cover as well as £500,000 buildings cover, and our UK-based claims line and emergency helpline are open 24 hours a day. We'll even pay for emergency accommodation if the worst happens.

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