Five things you might not know are covered by our home insurance…

Read our round-up of five things you might not have realised are covered by our home insurance...

Everyone knows about the obvious things your home insurance covers you for, like theft or fire damage, but here's our round-up of five things you might not have realised were covered under our home insurance policy:

1. Spoiled frozen food

If your home suffered a power cut and your freezer was out of action for hours, what would happen to all the food in it and how much would it cost to replace? Fortunately, our home insurance covers you for up to £2,500 for ruined freezer contents.

2. Items taken outside your home

You might think your possessions are only covered when they're inside your home, but you can choose to add them to the personal possession section of your contents quote. This provides worldwide cover for things like jewellery, cameras and mobile phones against accidental loss, damage or theft. Our minimum cover is £2,000, with no single item worth more than £2,000. If you have a single item worth more than this, you'll need to specify this when you get a quote.

3. Pairs or sets

You can choose to upgrade your cover so that if part of a pair, set or suite is damaged, lost or stolen, we'll pay the cost of replacing the whole set if it can't be matched. This might include your bathroom or kitchen under your buildings insurance, or your whole three piece suite or dining room furniture, even if only one chair was damaged.

4. Boundary and other disputes

If you add our family legal protection, it can help protect you and your family if you need to pursue or defend your legal rights in a number of situations including:

  • Neighbour disputes, like boundary disputes, noise or other legal nuisance
  • The sale or purchase of goods and services
  • If your identity is used by another person to commit fraud or other crimes.
  • Employment disputes, such as a claim for unfair dismissal or redundancy, or if during the course of your employment a criminal charge is brought against you.
  • Pursuing a claim for death or injury against a negligent third party.

5. Alternative accommodation

If your home was flooded, for example, and you were unable to stay in it, we'd pay for alternative accommodation for you and your family while repair work took place.

Our home insurance

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