You told us: when you’ll decide what to do with your commutation

Here's what you told us...

We've been asking visitors to our online Retirement Centre to share with us at what stage in their career they intend to decide what to do with their pension commutation.

Almost 650 people responded to our online poll and here's what they told us:

  • Nearly 39% had very clear ideas what they wanted to do after retirement and intend to start planning for it over two years before they retire
  • Almost a fifth (18%) said they'll make their decisions between one and two years before their retirement date
  • Nearly a third (32%) said they'd leave it until a year before their retirement to decide what they'd like to do
  • Finally, just over 12% said they were happy to leave the decision until after they'd retired.

If you're starting to plan for your retirement, there's lots of useful information on our online Retirement Centre, where you can find out more about pensions, second careers, starting a new business, planning for future expenses and managing your budget.