Keep track of your shifts with new free app from Police Mutual

Police Mutual has joined forces with SectionShifts to launch a new free app to help Officers and Staff in a number of forces keep on top of their shift patterns.

Section Shifts 325Working shifts can be tough on your home and social life, so the SectionShifts iPhone app makes it easier to manage your personal and family life around your working patterns. And if you don't have an iPhone, you can still access the site at

The new user-friendly SectionShifts app is essentially a planner that shows your team's shift patterns, either weekly or monthly, to help you plan further ahead. You can track your shift patterns with a few clicks and effortlessly share with friends and family.

So far the app includes shift patterns for Sussex, Bedfordshire, West Midlands Police and Surrey - if your shift pattern is not included, let us know at and we'll add it. More forces are currently under development and will be added soon.

The SectionShifts website was originally devised by a serving Police Officer and endorsed by the Sussex Police Federation. It already receives more than 10,000 visits each month, while the mobile app has been downloaded almost 2,000 times.

Here's what people have been saying:

"It's very helpful; my family and I use it all the time to help with planning."

"With colleagues on different shifts it's a god-send to use this site to coordinate social occasions."

"I find it really useful when trying to work out my partner's shifts and how they work with mine."

To download the app, visit the app store and search for SectionShifts, or visit