Good news for savers!

From 1 May we'll be increasing final payouts for Regular Savings plans maturing this year.

If you've got a Regular Saving plan maturing this year (or another of our fixed term plans) we've got some good news for you - from 1 May we'll be increasing final payouts.  

For a 10 year plan maturing this year, we're increasing the final bonus rate from 15.5% to 17.25% of the 'guaranteed value' of your plan. (You can find this figure on your yearly statement.)

As an example, for a policy taken out 10 years ago by someone before their 30th birthday, saving £5 each week, the payout would increase from £3,121 to £3,168.

This means that on average over the 10 years, your plan would have given you an annual return of 3.8% after tax and charges. (Remember, past performance is not an indicator of future performance.)

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