Money Coaching

Helping Police employees

Money Coaching is a one-to-one service that Police Forces can arrange for their employees to help with money worries.

Helping individuals

These can be difficult times in the Police Service: Winsor, re-structuring, cutbacks, changes to pay and conditions, pensions changes and the rising cost of living can all leave individuals feeling insecure and under pressure.

Police Mutual has been helping the Police Service since 1866. We have huge expertise and insight about Police, money and personal finance.

Helping individuals helps Police Forces

Our Money Coaching service helps Police Force employees to be in control of their personal finances. That means one less thing to worry about; which leaves employees free to be more focused and more productive at work.

Providing Money Coaching for employees is a tangible way for a Force to demonstrate that it cares. It can also mean less call on in-Force resources like HR and Welfare. In extreme cases, it could even mean less risk of corruption.


Find out more

To find out about the many ways Police Mutual can help your Police Force and its employees, get in touch with Claire Long, our Head of Financial Education at or give Claire a call on 01543 440982.