The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), requires financial services firms to report on the number of customer complaints they receive every six months. Firms are required to publish information about complaints they’ve handled if they receive more than 500 in any reporting period.

In the first half of 2018, we received less than 500 complaints. However, we have chosen to be transparent about our performance, which means we have published our complaints information for January to June 2018.

Within Police Mutual Group our members are looked after by a number of different firms. The table below shows which firms look after our range of products and services.

Firm name Products provided Complaint report
Police Mutual Assurance Society Limited Savings & Investments Police Mutual Assurance Society Limited complaints performance
PMGI Limited General Insurance PMGI Limited complaints performance
Mortgage Excellence plc Mortgage advice and arrangement including Mortgage Protection. Mortgage Excellence plc complaints performance
PM Advisory Limited Independent Financial Advice service PM Advisory Limited complaints performance
Abacus Limited No longer offering new products. Provided general insurance product to our military members. Abacus Limited complaints performance