Our History


  • 1866

    The Police Mutual Assurance Association (PMAA) is formed by Police Officers to provide financial and welfare support for colleagues in times of need. The average life expectancy of a Police Officer is 40 years and there are no pension benefits. When a fellow Officer dies, each member of the PMAA contributes one penny to be given to the widow of the deceased Officer.

  • 1921
    With no reserve fund, when around 450 Police Officers are lost due to a smallpox epidemic, the First World War and a terrible flu epidemic in quick succession, the PMAA cannot continue. It’s wound up, having paid out over £500,000 in benefits.
  • 1922
    Police Mutual Assurance Society (PMAS), based on proper actuarial lines, is born. The new Society, backed by the Home Secretary is controlled by Police Officers for Police Officers. Strange but true… The first Annual Meeting is notable for two names on the Committee of Management, Holmes and Moriarty – but no, nothing to do with Sherlock!
  • 1923
    Police Mutual moves its offices to 161 Corporation Street in the very heart of Birmingham.
  • 1931
    A free Pocket Almanac and Diary issued by Police Mutual helps Police Officers in their day-to-day job.
  • 1942
    Police Mutual eligibility is extended to First World War reserves and Policewomen, an innovative step.
  • 1946
    Assets reach £1.5 million and membership exceeds 36,000. The Society celebrates by buying a new typewriter for the office!
  • 1954
    "You might live without insurance, but DON'T die without it" is an example of advertising introduced by the Society in the early 1950's.
  • 1961
    Police Mutual Assurance Society starts rewarding the brightest students attending police training centres by establishing a PMAS Book Prize while assets under management reach £4 million.
  • 1968
    "Look after the coppers, and the pounds will look after themselves..." The Society enables members to borrow against the surrender value of their endowment policies under this slogan.
  • 1973
    Police Mutual Assurance Society moves to Lichfield, with its new building opened and named after Princess Alexandra.
  • 1976
    Police Mutual Assurance Society moves into the computer era by installing NCR 499 Electronic Data Processing System. An innovative move toward generating better return for our members.
  • 1985
    Police Mutual Assurance Society begins to publish Lifeline magazine, with the focus on the finances and wellbeing of people in the Police Service. Today this focus is carried forward by the Police Mutual Foundation.
  • 1990
    A time capsule is placed in an extension to Police Mutual Alexandra House Offices. A historical moment capturing the long term difference Police Mutual has made to officers and staff across the country.
  • 1997
    Civilian Police staff become eligible to join Police Mutual and take out the full range of plans offered. Assets under management reach £1bn.
  • 2000
    Police Mutual website launched to ensure that all information for our members is just a click away.
  • 2003
    Police Family members become eligible to join Police Mutual and take out the full range of plans offered.
  • 2007
    Police Mutual acquires Roland Smith Insurance Brokers in order to offer a full range of insurance products and advice for our members.
  • 2012
    Police Mutual Foundation launched to support the Police service at a time of increasing financial risk and hardship.

Set up by Police, for Police. Here for the long term.

Life in the Police Service has changed a lot since we were set up in 1866. But one thing has stayed the same - we continue to put our members first. Today we have around 200,000 members of the Police Service trusting us with their savings, investments and insurance.

As policing continues to change, we've recognised your needs are changing too. So we've broadened our services to make sure we're as relevant to the Police today as we were 150 years ago.