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Winter house maintenance to avoid home emergencies

Thu 27 Jan 2022

These 5 house maintenance checks for the winter will help keep your house safe, warm and winterproof. Whether it's insulating pipes or excluding draughts, these tips will help avoid any home emergencies.

5 House maintenance checks for the Winter Months to avoid home emergencies

Winter is the perfect time to snuggle up at home with your friends and family. Your home becomes your sanctuary, and it’s important to keep it running smoothly, especially if you’re hosting guests. With cold weather and busy households, house maintenance for winter is more important than ever.

Home emergency overview

Maintaining your home is always a priority, but accidents and unforeseen events happen. Home emergency cover is an assistance insurance policy that provides immediate assistance in the event of a domestic emergency.

However, to minimise the risk of emergencies happening, here are 5 maintenance checks you can do around your home.

Insulate your pipes

Cold weather, ice and snow can really put your home to the test. Prevent pipes from freezing by wrapping around an extra layer of insulation as frozen pipes can create serious risk, creating ruptures which may lead to flooding and water damage.

Check your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

Winter is the prime time for beautifully scented candles and additional lights, brightening up your home and creating that magical winter warming feel. Although a pleasant addition, faulty lights and naked flames create extra risk to look out for. Make sure to check your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to detect any disasters your lighting (or cooking) may cause.

Insulate your home for winter

Keep your home warm and cosy during the colder months through ensuring your home is properly insulated. Block draughts to stop the cold air from coming in and make sure your walls and ceilings are insulated to prevent condensation. Not only will this help you save on energy bills through conserving heat, but if condensation builds up, this creates mold and mildew which can cause respiratory problems or allergic reactions.

Protect your roof

Checking your roof regularly will help identify any problems and repair them before they worsen. For example, gutters can fill up with debris, ice and snow when the cold weather hits. All of this builds up which can eventually pull the gutter down and cause roof damage. Loose tiles or slates can also slip and lead to water damage, mold and rotting.

Boiler maintenance

Getting your boiler serviced regularly will not only ensure that it’s running efficiently, but it can also help you save on energy bills. Faulty boilers can be incredibly dangerous as, when not fixed or maintained properly, they can leak carbon monoxide, a colourless and odourless gas which is poisonous when inhaled.

If a faulty boiler or any other disaster covered by your home insurance policy makes your house unsafe to live in, emergency cover can help pay towards additional costs arising from short-term accommodation needs until your home is ready to be lived in again. Remember to check the policy benefit limits so you know the maximum that will be covered. 

We can look after our homes down to the tiniest detail, but we can’t predict accidents or unforeseen events.

Home Emergency cover (provided by ARAG plc) is included as standard with Police Mutual Home Insurance (up to £500 per claim), should the unexpected happen. An unforeseen disaster at home doesn’t have to ruin your winter. 

Finding out more about Police Mutual Home Insurance

Police Mutual Home Insurance provides a number of benefits as part of the standard policy including buildings cover of up to £1 million and contents cover of up to £75,000. Plus, up to £500 Home Emergency cover is provided as part of the standard contents insurance cover (cover provided by ARAG plc). You can also pay monthly at no extra charge.

Police Mutual Home Insurance is available to serving and retired Police Officers, but it’s also available to Staff, Specials and family members of these Officers.

Find out more by phoning 0151 242 7640 or checking out online: Home Insurance | Police Mutual


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Home Emergency Cover is provided by ARAG plc.

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