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Martin Guests Police Mutual story

Mon 24 Sep 2018

Why did you want to share your story?

I am a real advocate of Police Mutual and how they’ve supported me throughout my career. As my give back to them I wanted to offer my story in the hope it will inspire young recruits joining the Police service to start saving money. I wanted the message to reach as wide an audience as possible so was more than happy to be filmed to promote it.


Can you tell us a bit about your background and how you got involved with Police Mutual?

I have been a Police Mutual since I joined in 1990 as a Police Constable with the Humberside Police. I have taken out a variety of products with Police Mutual starting from when I joined the forces and throughout my career; including car and home insurance and Regular Savings Plans which have been hugely beneficial to me and my family. They have provided me with the financial support to help my family and I achieve our goals and enjoy a good standard of life.


How has Police Mutual helped you over the years? 

After I met my wife Helen we bought our first house together and as we began our married life together we realised we needed to look after ourselves and we needed to start saving money.

The products were really competitive too, which is always an advantage. As we went through married life together we continued to renew our car and home insurance policies. Every time I got a pay rise with the Police I took out another Regular Savings Plan which meant that when policies matured I was receiving them on a regular basis.

We also took out savings which were specifically for the children through Police Mutual which has provided their cars, their car insurance and their road tax.


How have your family benefitted from Police Mutual?

The family have grown up with Police Mutual, they understand that the holidays which they’ve had over the years have been funded by the Regular Savings Plans. As a result we’ve been very fortunate to visit many places abroad and spend quality time together as a family.

Before we moved house we had a garage which was known as the Police Mutual garage because the Regular Savings Plan paid for us to build it.


When did you first become involved with Police Mutual?

I began my career in the Police force when I was 21 years old and filled a form in to sign up for a Police Mutual Savings Plan. I was fortunate as I was living at home at the time, so I did not miss the deductions to my pay. I quickly saw the benefit of savings money each month; so it became   habitual which is why I continued saving money throughout my career by taking out Police Mutual products.  


What do you think Police Mutual offer its members?  

I think the key point of difference is that Police Mutual have over the competition is that they understand the mentality of the Police and the pressures they’re under.  They also offer a personal touch which makes the whole experience of using Police Mutual services so unique.


What tips would you give to new recruits to the Police force?

You don’t have to put a lot away but save some, I initially saved £2 a week and by doing that the standard of my life has improved no end. If you start doing it at the beginning of your career it becomes a habit you get used and it can only benefit you.

The money towards the savings are automatically taken out of your wages each month, so it’s really easy and you save money without realising it.

You have to save the money, it’s up to you to do it but the services provided make it very easy.

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