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What makes your house feel like a home?

Fri 01 Sep 2017

Allowed to choose more than one answer, it was not surprising that the strongest response was received for ‘my family’ (73%) and almost a third (33%) voted for ‘my pets’. Rather intriguingly ‘my bed’ was the second most popular option with 50% of the vote.

Other popular choices were:

  • 42% of respondents opted for ‘my possessions
  • 37% chose ‘the furniture
  • 23.1% selected ‘electrical goods
  • 19.2% picked ‘the décor'
  • Creature comforts: ‘TV’, ‘books’ and ‘things I collect’
  • Sentimental: ‘photographs and pictures’, ‘family history as my house was built by my grandparents’, ‘travel souvenirs’ and ‘being with my wife’

When asked “Which items would you save if your home was on fire?”, responses ranged from; The Essentials, family, pets, photos, phones and computers;

The Practicals, cash, bank card, car keys, contact lenses, important documents, passport and insulin pump;

“I am very impressed with the service provided regarding my recent claim for a TV which was settled the following day” The Sentimentals, Grandfather’s First World War medals, photos of deceased family members, daughter’s cuddly toy rabbit; and

The Matters to Me, bed, fridge and sofa, my password list, the books I’m writing, my financial paperwork, penguin shaped vase, piece of Elvis’ hair, (full) wine rack and action figure collectibles!

More than 43,000 people trust Police Mutual with their Home Insurance and David Reeves, Manager of General Insurance at Police Mutual, comments: “It’s really interesting, but not surprising, to see how much importance people put on their personal belongings and the contents of their home, from key pieces of furniture to electricals and technology. This ties into the claims data we see, which shows that the most frequent claims we receive relate to accidental damage to contents in the home and loss and damage to personal belongings.

“Not surprisingly, the research demonstrated the huge range of items that people apply sentimental value to. Obviously, even the best home insurance policy won’t bring your Grandfather’s First World War medals back, so it is wise to think very carefully about how you store these. As Police professionals are likely to be aware, a well secured and hidden home safe is a good option for items like medals and jewellery. For photographs, pictures, signature books and the like, be sure to find a way of backing them up digitally,” Reeves concludes.

Why not discuss your home insurance needs with Police Mutual and discover why over 90% of home insurance members stay with them year after year.

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