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Home improvements with loans

Fri 01 Sep 2017

This is why we are working together with our trusted partner Neyber. Over the last two years Neyber has lent more than £7.5m in personal loans to the Police family for home improvements.

Work out what relaxation means to you

A relaxing home means different things to different people; some enjoy a minimalist aesthetic, while others like to surround themselves with armfuls of family mementos. It’s a personal thing, and the trick is to know what works for you. Take a few minutes (ideally with your partner/family) to write down when and where you feel most relaxed at home as well as when and where you don’t.

There are no rules on colour

Choose colours that reflect you and your family and help you feel the way you’d like to at home. For some, it’s calm, paired back neutrals, for others it’s monochrome, and then there are people who opt for strong, bold use of colour. Work out which colours you find more calming by taking a good look at the colour wheel. Whatever you do, DO NOT decorate your home for someone else. They’re your walls, so choose something you like.

Mix old with new

When looking for furniture it’s tempting to buy everything from the same range, because you know it will match and it saves you having to look elsewhere.

However, mixing older family pieces and vintage finds with contemporary items can really give a home personality and tell stories. For example, an old trunk as a coffee table will make a much more interesting focal point than your average rectangular, wooden number.

Money absolutely does not equal style or a beautiful home, and there are loads of free or almost free things you can do to improve your home on a smaller scale. However, bigger ticket items or doing something major like an extension, new kitchen or landscaping your garden do not come cheap. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Neyber, our trusted partner, who can offer home improvement personal loans to the Police family.

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