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Re-engagement of the Authorised Officer Network

Thu 28 Nov 2019

At its reconstitution in 1922 the new Police Mutual Rules included the voluntary role of a Force Authorised Officer (FAO) for each Police Force in the UK.  Their original role was to collect premiums for Police Mutual policies. They were given the power to appoint a team of Authorised Officers (AOs) to support them to conduct the business of Police Mutual within their force. This Rule is still part of our constitution and at times over the years the number of people in these voluntary roles has exceeded 1200.

More recently we haven’t supported you, our Force Authorised Officers and Authorised Officers,  in these important and valuable roles as much as we should have and sadly the numbers have decreased.  We want to put this right as quickly as possible.  We need to improve our communication and increase the support we provide to enable you to raise awareness of the fantastic work that Police Mutual is doing to improve the financial resilience in the Police Service.

To this end Police Mutual, through its FAOs, Committee of Management and Executive team, has committed to invest in our volunteer network and has appointed me, Gill Leggett, to the dedicated role of Police Volunteer Co-ordinator. 

My objectives are to:

  • Review the existing network and update our records
  • Develop a Purpose Statement, Role Profile and Best Practice guidance to help you to understand how you can add the greatest value
  • Develop a toolkit to support the FAO and AO roles – this will include a Police Mutual App
  • Review and improve ongoing communication
  • Raise the profile of the FAO and AO network and consider training, motivation and recognition

The first step is to make sure our records are up to date.  I will be sending an email to everyone who is currently on our records as a Force Authorised Officer and an Authorised Officer to ask you to sign a new Letter of Agreement which asks you to confirm your details, including where you are stationed and how we can make contact with you. 

PLEASE NOTE:  By the end of February 2020, I will make the assumption that anyone who hasn’t responded is no longer available to be a FAO or an AO and I will cleanse our database so we don’t keep trying to write to you. 

The new Police Mutual App is currently in development.  It will include an area that is exclusive to our FAOs and AOs, featuring lots of information about what is happening at Police Mutual and how our products and services are improving the lives of our members. There will be digital tools for you to use to assist us to raise awareness of campaigns and special offers and a portal for you to give feedback and share ideas and best practice with me. In the interim between now and when the app launches you will receive a FAO and AO newsletter. After the app has launched the news feed will feature FAO and AO articles specifically written with you in mind so you will be kept fully up to date with all Police Mutual news.

In the meantime, thank you for all your support and assistance over the years and I will look forward to hundreds of signed Letters of Agreement pouring into my inbox and through the post. 

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.



Gill Leggett

Police Volunteer Coordinator | Police Mutual

Phone: 07775 816489

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