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Freak weather conditions and the implications for protecting your home

Fri 21 May 2021

As expected with a typical British summer, we are experiencing some freakish weather and events. Bouts of heavy rain have been prevalent recently, combined with thunder storms and flashes of lightning across the skies. Whilst these can look very dramatic and impressive, these can potentially cause havoc with your home.

The most obvious example is floods. This is becoming an increasingly severe problem in the UK, not just because of the rainfall, but also due to climate change, urbanisation and the trend for hard landscaping and closer building of properties on housing estates which reduces the ability for water to seep away.

Studies show the impact from climate change can be significant, increasing the probability of heavy rains like those of storm Desmond in the UK in 2015
[1]. And this isn’t just confined to the traditional wetter winter months. Localised thunderstorms during summer can result in flash floods, and The Weather Forecast Resolution Model found that the intensity of rainfall is expected to increase in future summers.[2]

Some home insurance providers impose special conditions if you live in flood risk area, but many people are finding they are suffering from flood related problems even if they don’t officially live in a designated flood plain.

So would you be covered if your home was damaged by flooding after excess rainfall?
The good news is if you hold Police Mutual Home Insurance, it will cover you for a list of specific perils including flood, as well as fire, lightning and even earthquakes (subject to acceptance and policy terms and conditions). It is reassuring to know this, as flood and fire damage can be very expensive.

But what about damage caused by water by say a leak? Many home insurance policies cover the damage caused by the leaking water, but some insurers don’t cover repairing the damage caused when tracing and accessing a leak. So frustratingly you find you aren’t covered for all elements of the incidence. Fortunately Police Mutual Home Insurance covers you for this damage as well (subject to policy terms and conditions).

We all need to get used to living with the effects of increased rainfall, human-induced climate change and water-related events. But if you have adequate home insurance in place you can watch the thunderstorms and rainstorms in awe without fretting about the results of them every time you look.

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[1] (PDF) Climate change increases the probability of heavy rains like those of storm Desmond in the UK – an event attribution study in near-real time (

[2] (PDF) Heavier summer downpours with climate change revealed by weather forecast resolution model

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